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Harry Potter Oscars 2005

Posted by jasoncourtney on 2006.01.12 at 19:59
Attenion Harry Potter Fans, I (aka jasoncourtney) and another livejournal member (solarisday) have come upon the idea to make a Harry Potter version of the Oscars (Communitieshposcars), where the best of fanfiction (whether it be slash or het), icons, fanart, and layouts will be nominated and then judged. We would like members interested in every and all aspects of the HP fandom to friend this community so that we can gauge the reception (or lack thereof) to our idea. Warning: this journal is in it's basic stages, as we have not decided if we will persue this concept in its entirety. We would also greatly appreciate if word was spread about this community so that we can get the ball rolling. Here is the link to our User Info so that you can determine if this is something you would like to be a part of. Thanks!!!!!!!

tbx -> twins
Posted by a_white_rain on 2005.12.24 at 21:50
By: (Yami) White Rain
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.
Pairing: Harry x Hermione
Warnings: Fluff and Sap.
Prompt: Hermione's got a little crush on her best friend. What in the world should she get him for Christmas?
Summary: It’s the first Christmas after Voldemort was defeated and Harry’s feeling the loss of the people he loved. Hermione has recognized her feelings for him, and isn’t sure what could be good enough for him.

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hhr puffs actually read the books

Welcome to the H/Hr Christmas Ficathon 2005!

Posted by areida_hermione on 2005.10.04 at 21:18
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Welcome to the H/Hr Christmas Ficathon 2005.
I'm hoping that this will be a very successful turnout, because I know we have some great authors around here.
(Please read the rules in our User Info first, thanks! Trust me, they're important, there's a quick and simple template to use when requesting a prompt from the list.)

So far we've got tons of people participating, which is fantastic! I'm so glad that people are enjoying this. Hopefully we'll get more prompts soon to make this list better (if you have any ideas, please feel free to donate!).

Okay, on to the prompts! (By the way, please read the Rules to find out how to donate prompts! The more the merrier!)

1. The usual exchange of Christmas gifts at Hogwarts - but Harry seems to have forgotten Hermione's gift! Did he really forget, or does he have something else in store for her? Taken by calenfenwen

2. Hermione comes to visit Harry one lonely Christmas. Post-Hogwarts. Taken by distantemotivo

3. Harry and Hermione never knew they'd end up spending Christmas in St. Mungos. Post-Hogwarts. Taken by sarahilicious

4. Christmas Day at Hogwarts, and all's going fine outside until Harry makes the mistake of throwing one snowball too many at Hermione. (Snowball fight, anyone?) Taken by karma171091

5. Harry and Hermione struggle to spread the Christmas cheer during dark times. Taken by simply_strange

6. What happens when Harry tries to dress up as Santa Claus for the little H/Hr children?
Added thanks to inyia (remember this is just a [quite good] suggestion):
"There is a song (classic song) where the lyrics are "I saw mummy kissing santa claus") I think that song suits perfectly on the challenge if anyone wants to make a songfic."

7. Hermione's got a little crush on her best friend. What in the world should she get him for Christmas? Taken by a_white_rain

8. Harry's got a crush on Hermione, and now a book doesn't seem special enough for a Christmas gift. Let's join him on a present-hunt, shall we? Taken by danirosealoise

9. Harry + Hermione + Mistletoe = ... you decide! Taken by _lovely_773

10. Ron has finally decided to get Harry and Hermione together, on Christmas Day. Taken by early_pearly

11. Harry and Hermione make snow people outside. Taken by annearchy

12. Harry and Hermione, a newlywed couple, are throwing their first Christmas party. First parties are never exactly perfect, now are they?

13. What happens when people have a bit too much to drink on Christmas Eve? Taken by troy_bob

14. It's a Christmas Eve party, and the trio and their friends decide to have a little party. Who ever knew that seemingly innocent party games would be so great at putting together a certain two friends?

15. Harry (and Ron, perhaps) are invited to Hermione's house for Christmas. Taken by fated_addiction

16. Harry's got an anonymous love letter on Christmas Day - I wonder who sent it? Taken by oursadhearts

17. Harry's planning on proposing Christmas Morning. Let's follow him on his attempts to plan and prepare without Hermione knowing a thing. Taken by adamonmind

18. She thought he'd never ask her out, but here they are - a first date in Hogsmeade on Christmas. Taken by exhaledeeply

19. Somehow, some way, the Potters (Harry and Hermione) are a little low on money this Christmas. What'll they do to have a unique and special Christmas for each other (and their children, if you want)?

20. Harry and Hermione are dating, but they want to keep it a secret - at least, until after Christmas. Let's watch them be sneaky during a big Weasley Christmas bash. Taken by sapphiretragedy

21. Harry and Hermione (and kids, if you want) are decorating their Christmas tree. What do they decorate it with? Does anything... bizarre happen?

22. Harry's spirit returns to Hermione one early Christmas morning.

23. Hermione's spirit returns to Harry one early Christmas morning.

24. Follow Harry and Hermione in their attempts to make hot chocolate and other delicious Christmastime-y treats in the kitchen. Taken by greenmood

25. What happens when Harry and Hermione try and prepare Christmas dinner? Taken by dback612

26. Not only is it Christmas, but H/Hr are in the middle of planning their wedding. Can they find time with all the stress to just relax with each other? Taken by danirosealoise

27. Harry gave Hermione a Christmas present that, try as she might, she cannot help but hate it. What is it? What does she do about it? Taken by estioe

28. Harry and Hermione go caroling, complete with off-key voices and Christmas cheer.

29. Harry's preparing for the Last Battle during the Christmas season, and he's a mess. How can Hermione help him? Taken by innermurk

30. Have you ever wanted to just run outside with your boyfriend and just jump around in the snow? Hermione does - after all, she can't be serious all the time. Taken by juvo

31. Hermione wakes up on Christmas day to find a giant present waiting for her. I wonder what it is?

This one's donated by Vicki Bergs (thanks!):
32. Harry has gotten Hermione the perfect Christmas present...or so he and everyone keeps telling her. Hermione can't stand not knowing and tries to figure out what he is getting her. Everyone helps out in leading her in the wrong direction, leading Hermione to very misleading conclusions...
~Must be told from Hermione's PoV or a narrator's PoV focused behind Hermione.
~The reader can't find out what Harry is getting her until the end of the story (when Hermione finds out) Taken by danirosealoise

33. We all know that searching for the presents around the house before Christmas morning is bad... but it's so tempting! What happens while Harry's on the search?

34. We all know that searching for the presents around the house before Christmas morning is bad... but it's so tempting! What happens while Hermione's on the search?

These three prompts are donated by estioe, thank you so much!
35. Both Harrry and Hermione recieve secret santa presents, put on their beds on Christmas Eve, while they sleep at night. They spend all Christmas Eve and possibly Christmas trying to find out who their secret santa is. It seems that only Harry and Hermione have one.
- make sure to name the people who actually put the presents on their beds, basically the match makers.
- they don't open their presents till Christmas, doesn't matter what time on Christmas.

36. It's Christmas (or eve) and Hermione is feeling down...what does Harry do to cheer her up?
(please include the reason she's down) Taken by jinyun

37. It's Christmas (or eve) and Harry is feeling down...what does Hermione to do cheer him up?
(please include the reason he's down)

38. Ron's got an excellent idea... put Harry and Hermione together for Christmas! What happens when his plan starts to fall apart... will everything be ruined, or will romance blossom on its own? Taken by danirosealoise

39. When Ron and his significant other plan a date for Christmas Eve, they decide to invite Harry and Hermione for a double-date. The only problem is, Harry and Hermione aren't even dating yet!

40. Harry and Hermione go on a date for Christmas (it can be their first date, they can be dating, or they could even be married, depending on how you want to write it).

41. Harry and Hermione go dancing for Christmas. Can Hermione dance? Did Harry learn to dance yet?

42. Hermione's alone for Christmas, and she feels lonely. How does Harry convince her that she won't be alone forever? Taken by ohmygiddyaunt

The following prompts were donated by one of our participants, danirosealoise!
43. Harry feels as though all of the loss is his fault and has lost hope. Hermione decides on Christmas to show him all is not lost.

44. It's Harry and Hermione's first Christmas party, and everything goes perfect until Hermione goes into labor.

45.Harry wants to propose to Hermione, but he can't find the ring. What happened to it?

46.What happens when Hogwarts itself decides to matchmake Harry and Hermione?

47.There is a Yule Ball and Harry wants to ask Hermione but everything else keeps interfering, will he ever be able to ask her?

48. Hermione's just been dumped by her boyfriend... right before Christmas. She's heartbroken - Harry hates to see her all distraught like that. What can he do to make her feel better again?

Some creative people are making their own prompts, and here they are (thanks, guys!):
1. annastronaut - Harry and Hermione fight over the last candy cane.

2. cartwheelmaster - Harry and Hermione? Married? That's what everyone seems to think. But what people think and what's the truth are very different. Still, Christmas pushes even the most stubborn and puzzled of souls together...and of course, it helps when they're actually meant to be.

3. leonhart_17 - The trio gathers at Christmas to reminice and exchange presents.

4. Another by leonhart_17 - Harry and Hermione are together on Christmas eve and Harry tells Hermione what he thought the first time he saw her.

5. herminia - It's Christmas and the newlywed Harry and Hermione are planning a dinner party, but Hermione keeps botching spells left-and-right. What is wrong?

6. And another by leonhart_17 - Harry gives Hermione a Christmas Present from his heart...and realizes what a stupid idea that was... (note: fluff and humor)

Remember, donating prompts and creating your own is perfectly welcome, and sometimes encouraged.
Let's make this a H/Hr Christmas to remember!

What to do with your finished fics:
Okay, so you've finished your prompt and now you don't know what to do? Well, there's a community created for the purpose of you authors posting your finished fics, and I strongly encourage everyone to post them here: hhrficxmasfics